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Jul 20, 2014

Get Virtual USA numbers to receive sms online

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                                Virtual numbers always play a vital role in internet to protect the privacy and also some users use it to bypass some system verification like social networks and online stores., So here some of the sites which provide the users with a free virtual USA numbers , absolutely it is free to receive sms and also free to call the same users... The below websites provides free Viop and text messages..


Jul 12, 2014

Solution for Google adsense banned accounts

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Recover banned adsense account

                                 As a adsense publisher you would have enjoy the adsense journey but unfortunately Google Adsense would have banned you from the publishers list , some time without any proper reasons, this will be frustrating ... And today we are here to provide you the solution for banned adsense accounts , this is ultimate solution to get back a your Google adsense account in a legal way , [of course this is not a hack , its a proven solution from the experienced person , who has been banned from google adsense publishers.. ]

Jul 9, 2014

Solved : cpu_id.exe file not found windows 8

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                                      The error cpu_id.exe file not found or file access error  persist when we try to patch the file name called cpu_id.exe and basically this is for patching the pro-e wildfire 5.0 version on  windows  8... This is common for all those using pro-e 5.0 version and trying to crack or patch the exe files and this error cannot be solved until we use the simple logic of changing the compatibility mode of the patch or crack to run on other versions...


Jun 22, 2014

Do's and Don't with Social Exchange sites.

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social media exchange white hat         
                Social Media exchange sites are well know place to exchange likes , shares and followers, here it comes in two way " Black hat seo " and " white hat seo " you can make use the social exchange sites either two ways, its all upto you. but there is no restrict you planned to use "Black hat seo" [no guarantee for your content with google] , and if you are planning to use social exchange sites for        " white hat seo " , then this is the right place to know , what are the things you can use and get benefit with your blog or website,..

Jun 15, 2014

How i bypassed facebook friend photo verification..


                Facebook photo tag verification is one of crap security system, usually facebook forces one to verify this , once their it seems to be un usual activity like adding more friends,  joining more groups in a short period of time,. so you came here to know how i passed the security system,...let me say in easy words..

Note : Less friends [50-100] = Easy to Get back

                                                          More than 100 friends = Difficult to get back [have to do more work]